• James Killen

Why are we creating Bullitt County Rewards?

Local advertising is on its last leg, let's be honest. Consumers do not read the newspaper like they used to, they get their news online. Consumers do not listen to local radio like they used to, they have streaming apps that play national ads or they opt for premium memberships that reduce or eliminate ads altogether. Things like circulars, direct mail flyers, yard signs, and even non-digital billboards and road signage are becoming relics in today's fast paced online environment. In response, businesses are turning to social media platforms like Facebook to reach their audiences, but they are finding out how difficult, time-consuming, and costly that can be. One business we spoke to has a customer acquisition cost of more than $20.00. That's an unsustainable model for a retailer.

Consumers have to be incentivized for their attention.

Call it social capital, call it online persona, call it whatever you would like, but consumer attention is a commodity and it is currently at a premium that is quickly pricing small businesses out of the market.

Presenting a localized rewards program specifically for small businesses.

It doesn't matter if you operate a brick and mortar retail or repair shop, a home-based business, act as an independent agent or sole-proprietor, or operate a locally owned franchise, Bullitt County Rewards is here to directly engage your customers and drive them straight to your business. We want to reward the community with cash and prizes, help small businesses by lowering their advertising costs and taking away the stress of marketing campaigns and social media strategies, and support our local nonprofits and community organizations. In short, we want to Inspire OUR community to shop local; bringing energy and excitement back to OUR small businesses.

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